Tracking Your Investments

The Challenge

It’s become less common for people to work for the same employer for their entire career.  Every time you change jobs, think about what needs to be done with your Group RRSP/DCPP/DPSP*. It’s common for people to lose track of their investment accounts over time.

There are several issues with leaving your assets in your former employer’s retirement plan:

  1. Additional administration. If you move, you’ll need to update each account with  your new address
    b. If you want to change your beneficiary, you’ll need to update each account
  2. How will you monitor the performance and asset allocation of several investment accounts?
  3. You may be paying higher investment fees in several smaller accounts compared to one larger account.

*Group RRSP – Group registered retirement savings plan
DCPP – Defined contribution pension plan
DPSP – Deferred profit-sharing plan

The Solution

  1. Determine your risk tolerance & objectives
  2. Formulate & agree on a financial plan
  3. Consolidate your accounts with one provider to decrease fees & reduce administration